Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Prohibition never ever Works!!!!

I used to believe that I’m a survivor from drugs abuse, know I realize actually I a survivor from the “WAR”. The war called War on drug. The war killed billion of my brothers and sisters in all round the world. And the name of this survivor is Fredy

In the 20th century, the United States led a major renewed surge in drug prohibition called the "War on Drugs." The Aim of drug policy is to maximize well being and minimize health and social harm related to drug use and misuse. But in reality drug use has raised faster, increase social and health problem under prohibition at any time in human history.
War on drug is war on health, in Asia the spread of HIV/AIDS among IDU’s is very fast. Prohibition oppressed people who use drugs in all aspect. We people who use drugs demand to remove all the harm created by prohibition (stop war on drugs). Even all drugs are potentially dangerous and all drugs use is intrinsically risky, the key questions are why prohibition must to stop?
1. Prohibition is not a policy based on evidence of effectiveness
2. A Policy should be based on reality and adapt to change circumstances
3. A drug policy is primarily a public health issue
4. Policy should seek to reduce drug related harm
A simple economic analysis can usefully demonstrate why absolute prohibition never works. Simply put where high demand exists along side prohibition, a criminal opportunity is inevitable created. Attempts to interrupts criminal drugs production and supply are doomed as the effects (if successful-which very rarely are) will be rising the prices; this then markets more attractive for new producer and seller to enter-which they always do no mattes how many dealer and smuggling networks we “smash” , the void is always filled by the queue of willing replacements, hungry from extra ordinary profits prohibition offered them

Does prohibition work? Let see these examples:
Success story : Myanmar heroin produce has fallen this year
Global situation : At the same time Afghanistan heroin produce has rapidly increase

So Prohibition is the same like the “balloon effect”, if we squeezed one side of the balloon at the same time the other side would be bigger.

Global drug prohibition is clearly a costly disaster. The United nation has estimated the value of the global market in illicit drugs market at $400 billion (6 % global trade). The extraordinary profits available for people willing to assume enrich criminals, terrorist, and corruption. By bringing out the market for drug out into open, legalization would radically change all that for better. Legalization is the best approach. By legalization would strip addiction down to what reality is: Health issue. Legalization would not open the flood gates to huge increases in drug abuse, caused we already leave in a world in which psychoactive drugs of all sorts are readily available. For people too poor to buy drugs resorts to sniffing gasoline, glue and other industrial products, which can be more harmful than any drugs. With legalization the legal market will fall into hand into powerful alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical companies. Still, Legalization is a far more pragmatic option than living with the corruption, violence, and organized crime of the current system.

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