Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fight against Discrimination

People Who Use Drugs (PUD) is a survivor from the “WAR”. The war called War on Drug. The war killed billion of our peers in all round the world. Dehumanization among PUD is caused by the global drugs policy.

To fight against discrimination we must conducted:
• Cultural Approach
We trained PUD, community, Lawyers, Reporters with critical education method.
• Structural Approach
Lobby/hearing session with law enforcement/legislative parliamentary and mass Action.
• Policy Content Reform
Propose Legal drafting for Indonesia Narcotic laws

Five Stages of Empowerment for Advocacy:
• Welfare : PUD can achieve they basic needs
• Access : PUD have the courage to access health and social services
• Critical Education : Trainings, public debate
• Participation : Critical consciousness to participate in advocacy efforts
• Control: Keep an eye on the results of our advocacy effort.

Discrimination among PUD caused by public opinion that influenced by drug policy.
To deal with it ideally drug policy should be:
• Based on evidence of effectiveness
• Based on reality and adapt to change circumstances
• Mainly a public health issue
• Seek to reduce drug related harm

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