Sunday, May 11, 2008

INPUD AP Activities in the past year and future plans

At the second congress of INPUD in Warsaw, Fredy (indonesia) and Anan (Nepal) elected as INPUD Board Member from Asia Region. Before Become Board member of INPUD, we contributed as INPUD working group to build the governance infrastructure to allow INPUD to become a legal Not for profit NGO and meet the requirements for International registration.
A group of two volunteers from 6 agreed global regions were invited to participate in the process. The election mechanism is minimum 2 PUD Activist from each regional vote their voice to the regional nominations
Promoting INPUD in Asia is the 1st steps; promotions accomplished by send emails to Asian PUD, mailing list, activist/organisation in several countries in Asia and other PUD activist outside Asia to become potential ally.

Once promoting efforts accomplished, We launched INPUD Asia at The International Conference AIDS of Asia Pacific (ICAAP 8th ) - Colombo (2007 August 22)

INPUD Asia launching held during dinner in Grand Oriental Hotel Restaurant. The dinner attended by Asian PUD from Indonesia, Nepal, India, and Malaysia.
— The results from that meeting were;
Ø INPUD Asia needs Mailing list (Moderators for this mailing list are Anan and Fredy)
Ø The need for INPUD Asia Congress (no funding yet)
INPUD Asia conduct Session: Why User Network Need to be Involve in Advocacy Efforts in ICAAP 8th

IHRD support INPUD Asia to fund;
Ø Scholarships for 3 Asian PUDs to Goa Conference.
Ø Skill Building Session-Overdose in Goa Conference

INPUD Asia also contributes as consultation committee to prepare the 1st Asian Consultation on the prevention HIV related of Drugs in Goa, India.

INPUD Asia invited to The Regional Civil Society Consultation (“Beyond 2008”) that held in Macau (Fredy) and Dhaka (Anan) to review UNGASS on Drugs 1998

At Goa consultation meeting, INPUD member agreed to merge with Pacific region. Currently INPUD Asia known as INPUD Asia Pacific.

INPUD AP created and published a Declaration in Goa Consultation Meeting named Goa Declaration.

INPUD Asia Pacific has several future plans:
— propose to INPUD head office to be regional/branch office,
— INPUD AP Congress

INPUD AP Invited to attend Beyond 2008 meeting in Vienna next July, Fredy will be INPUD representative at that meeting

As an emerging regional network, INPUD Asia Pacific is growing fast. Nowadays INPUD Asia Pacific already had members from several countries in Asia Pacific Region

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